Windows Phone 8 – A possibility for my next phone

I was celebrating my friend’s bachelor party over the weekend. One of my friends (we have a large shared pool of friends) is an interaction designer at Nokia and we discussed about how he sees the Windows Phone platform and applications within there. That discussion and the new phones Nokia announced just yesterday at Mobile World Congress have seriously made me consider to switch back to Nokia with my next phone.

I’ve been using an iPhone for the last 2,5 years. The phone has worked super well. I can’t remember the previous time when I had a phone for this long. The software updates have kept up the feeling of new, but the whole UI and way things work is becoming a little outdated for my taste.

Something I also begin to dislike is the camera quality on the iPhone 4. I know iPhone 5 has a better camera, but Nokia’s phones have always been known for excellent camera quality (even in the Symbian days!).

Will definitely have to pop by the Nokia flagship store here in Helsinki some day for a sneak peak on some of the Lumia phones and how they actually work.

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013.
  • mike bradshaw

    one of the challenges with Windows Phone is that it is not as appealing after a “quick play” as iPhone, but if you stay with it for a couple of days you can start to really like it.

    It’s all about the apps these days, less about the HW :)
    Make a list of all of the apps you use almost every day and see if there they have a version on WP (most do nowadays), or if there is a close equivalent.