$250 million in 6 months – The Obama Campaign website

Kyle Rush has put together a super interesting blog post on the Obama campaign website and its function in fundraising.

You can read the numbers and details on his post, but here are a couple of things to think about when working with online products (and for that matter, businesses in all domains).

  • The site had 17.8 million unique visitors who donated in 4.2 million events. This yields to a whopping 23.6% conversion rate.
  • 240 a/b tests yielded in a 49% increase in donation conversion. If we consider the average donation to be ($250M in 4.2 million events) almost $60 – this improvement helped bring in more than 80 million. Most likely it’s not this much as the improvements were done during the campaign.
  • 23% of traffic was mobile – this is a lot, even though we don’t know what the donation rate for mobile users was.

Nevertheless, it’s a great reminder that iteration and constant improvement is key to success.

He’s also got some nice screenshots to make evident the changes they made on the campaign site. It’s a great post, do read it.

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012.