Link: Asymconf – an experiment in the event space

The method of presentation and participation was originally designed as a teaching method. What we’re going to do is a very simplified approach of the case method first introduced in the teaching of law and later adapted to the teaching of business administration. The key difference in this method vs. the classic lecture is that there is no assumption that a right answer exists and hence that there is no greater value placed on the lecturer vis-a-vis the audience.

Horace Dediu is putting together a conference based on the things he has discussed in his blog. In a couple of days 44% of the event was sold out.

There are huge opportunitiesin the way conferences are organised. Why do they all have to follow the same structure? The truth is, conferences are there to entertain, inspire and educate us. Very few excel in all three these days.

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012.