About those looking for opportunities

I saw the above two stories posted in my Facebook live feed and couldn’t help but think how perfect of an example of today’s industries it is. For my English speaking readers, the story below says that the “Professional Drivers’ Association is threatening with strike”.

Startups are the opportunists in our society – they’re always on the lookout for a chance at success. In this case, TVGorge is trying to break the television industry’s barriers of national borders by enabling television viewing without restriction. This is how innovation takes place and in the end, makes our societies better.

On the other hand you have older industries such as transport. They’re threatening to go on strike to cling on to their old gains and bonuses – the way things ought to be. While I have very little understanding in general for strikes, there are some that I approve – this however, I don’t. They’re going on strike to get their point across on a union level – it’s just not the way things work on an optimal level. I could go on about this, but instead stop to wish everyone a happy weekend with the following idea:

When you encounter change, stop and ALWAYS think of it first as an opportunity to do something new.

Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2010.